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Government Officials

At the Nassau County Chamber of Commerce, we value strong connections with our elected officials at every level of government. This page serves as a hub for information on your local, state, and federal representatives who work diligently to shape policies and advocate for our community's best interests.

Here, you'll find up-to-date details on the officials representing Nassau County, their contact information, and how you can engage with them to voice your concerns, ideas, and support for initiatives that drive economic growth and prosperity in our region.

We believe in the power of collaboration between businesses and government to create a thriving business environment, and we're here to help foster meaningful relationships between our members and the representatives who influence our future.

Nassau County Board of County Commissioners

Nassau County is a political subdivision of the State of Florida. It was created for civil and political purposes and acts under powers given to it by the State. The County's governing authority is the Nassau County Board of Commissioners. Click here to learn more and to visit the county's website.

Click here to view the Nassau County Prosperity Plan.

Nassau County Commissioner John Martin

Commissioner John Martin, Chairman

District One

Nassau County Commissioner Alyson McCullough

Commissioner Alyson McCullough

District Four

Nassau County Commissioner Hupp Huppmann, local government

Commissioner A.M. "Hupp" Huppmann

District Two

Nassau County Commissioner Klynt Farmer, local government

Commissioner Klynt Farmer

District Five

Nassau County Commissioner Jeff Gray, local government

Commissioner Jeff Gray

District Three

Nassau County Constitutional Officers

The Constitutional Officers were established by the Florida Constitution and are independently elected officials. In Nassau County, five Constitutional Officers serve as elected officials. To learn more about the individual Constitutional Officers currently representing Nassau County, click 'visit website' below each photo.

Nassau County Clerk of Courts, John Crawford

Clerk of the Circuit Court & Comptroller

John A. Crawford

Mike Hickox, Nassau County Property Appraiser, government official

Property Appraiser

A. Michael Hickox, CFA

Nassau County Sheriff Bill Leeper


Bill Leeper

Nassau County Supervisor of Elections, Janet Adkins

Supervisor of Elections

Janet H. Adkins

Nassau County Tax Collector, John Drew, government official

Tax Collector

John M. Drew

» Visit Website

City of Fernandina Beach Commissioners

The form of government of the City of Fernandina Beach is known as the "Commission-Manager Plan." Under this plan, the Commission has powers to adopt ordinances, approve regulations and appoint the City AttorneyCity Clerk and the City Manager. To learn more, click here to visit the City of Fernandina Beach website.

Click here to view the City of Fernandina Beach Comprehensive Plan.

City Commissioner Bradley Bean

Mayor Bradley Bean

Seat 1

City Commissioner David Sturges, government official

Vice-Mayor David Sturges

Seat 2

City Commissioner Chip Ross

Commissioner Chip Ross

Seat 3

City Commissioner James Antun

Commissioner James Antun

Seat 4

City Commissioner Darron Ayscue

Commissioner Darron Ayscue

Seat 5

Town of Callahan Town Council

The Callahan Mayor is responsible for serving as the chief executive and chief administrator of the Town. The Mayor along with the members of the Town Council are entrusted with ensuring the faithful execution of the Town's ordinances and have the authority to exercise all necessary powers to enforce their jurisdiction effectively. To learn more, click here to visit the Town of Callahan website.

Callahan Town Mayor Randy Knagge

Randy Knagge

Town Mayor

Photo Coming Soon image

Janet Shaw

Town Promotions/Parks & Rec Commissioner

Callahan Town Council President Kenneth Bass

Kenneth Bass

Town Council President/Fire Commissioner

Photo Coming Soon image

Jacquelyn Fleming

Town Water Wastewater Commissioner

Callahan Town Street-Commissioner Ashton Bishop-Vargas

Ashton Bishop-Vargas

Town Street Commissioner

Photo Coming Soon image

David Mellecker

Town Zoning Department

Photo Coming Soon image

Donna Kirk

Town Treasurer

Town of Hilliard Town Council

The Mayor and the Town Council serve as the governing body for the Town of Hilliard. These elected officials represent and govern the Town and provide for the needs of our community. The Town of Hilliard takes great pride in the relationship between its local government and its citizens. Click here to visit the Town of Hilliard website. 

Town of Hilliard Mayor John Beasley

John Beasley


Town of Hilliard Council Member Jared Wollitz

Jared Wollitz

Fire Commissioner

Town of Hilliard Council Member Kenny Sims

Kenny Sims

Council President/Street Commissioner

Town of Hilliard Council Member Dallis Hunter

Dallis Hunter

Airpark Commissioner

Town of Hilliard Council Member Lee Pickett

Lee Pickett

Council Pro Tem/Water & Sewer Commissioner

Town of Hilliard Council Member Joseph Michaels

Joseph Michaels

Parks & Recreation Commissioner

Judicial Representatives

Jenny Higginbotha

Jenny Higginbotham

County Court Judge, 4th Judicial Circuit, Group 1

Charlie Cofer

Charlie Cofer

Public Defender, 4th Judicial Circuit

Melissa Nelson

Melissa Nelson

State Attorney, 4th Judicial Circuit

State Representatives

Dean Black

Dean Black

State Representative, District 15

Clay Yarborough

Clay Yarborough

State Senator, District 4

Wilton Simpson

Wilton Simpson

Commissioner of Agriculture

Jimmy Patronis

Jimmy Patronis

Chief Financial Officer

Ashley Moody

Ashley Moody

Attorney General

Ron DeSantis

Ron DeSantis


Aaron Bean

Aaron Bean

United States Rep., 4th Congressional District

Rick Scott

Rick Scott

United States Senator

Marco Rubio

Marco Rubio

United States Senator

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