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Thomas Creek Implementation Plan

Governor Ron DeSantis signed Senate Bill 1954 into law on May 12, 2021, creating the Resilient Florida Program. This legislation provides funding for initiatives to protect Florida's coastlines and inland waterways from sea level rise, storms, and flooding. It represents the largest investment in Florida’s history to help communities prepare for the effects of sea level rise, more severe storms, and increased flooding.

Grants are available to eligible entities for analyzing vulnerabilities, planning, and implementing adaptation projects. For the 23/24 Fiscal Year, Nassau County applied for and received two grants under this program.

Stormwater and Drainage Management, as part of the Thomas Creek Implementation Plan initiative, applied for the Implementation Grant to purchase homes in the Thomas Creek watershed. This $2.8 million dollar grant requires a 50% which $1 million was approved for by the Board. The other $400,000 will be in work in-kind funds.

Staff is anxious to see the results of the Planning Assistance to States Grant with the Army Corps of Engineers, finalized in 2021, and how it will positively impact the County’s vulnerable watershed. This land acquisition process is outlined the Thomas Creek Implementation Plan. The Resilient Florida grant is the first grant to be awarded towards this plan.

The Board of County Commissioners approved the continuing contract to CBRE May 17, 2024. CBRE will start the appraisal process of the homes. Once the property is acquired, per the grant, Nassau County must demolish all structures and return the area to its natural floodplain state. This should allow for Thomas Creek to rise and fall with storm events without homeowner’s fearing another loss of structures.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Stormwater Director Katie Peay at (904) 530-6390 or via email at

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