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Arbor Day Event with Amelia Tree Conservancy

The City of Fernandina Beach, in collaboration with the Amelia Tree Conservancy, invites the public to attend a gathering and proclamation reading on April 26, 2024, at 10:00am at Bosque Bello Cemetery.

In conjunction with the City’s 200th anniversary year and the observation of National Arbor Day, the City and Amelia Tree Conservancy planted 22 young trees and removed several dead trees and stumps in Bosque Bello Cemetery. Funds for the project were provided by Amelia Tree Conservancy through a grant from the Wendelle Burdick/Larsen Fund and from the City of Fernandina Beach Tree Fund.

Cheryl Witt, Membership Secretary of Amelia Tree Conservancy says, “There are countless benefits of trees to Amelia Island: they cool our climate, protect us from storm damage, serve as a habitat for animals and plants, clean our air and water, reduce energy use, contribute to our economy enhancing property values, create positive health in our residents and visitors, and create a beautiful environment”.

Join us as we gather on April 26 to celebrate trees! Mayor Bradley Bean will speak and light refreshments will be provided.

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