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Ocean Highway and Port Authority Nassau County, Florida Request for Qualifications


The Ocean Highway and Port Authority of Nassau County, FL (OHPA) is soliciting Statements of Interest and Qualifications from Florida licensed architects to provide conceptual designs and cost estimates for satisfying the  requirements for a US Customs and Border Protection (USCBP) Administrative Office Facility at the Port of Fernandina. OHPA is a State of Florida chartered government entity and the owner of the Port of Fernandina Marine Terminal situated in the City of Fernandina Beach, Florida. The terminal handles a mix of commodities including containerized, breakbulk and bulk cargoes. The terminal lies at the northern edge of the City’s Historic District and is surrounded by a mix of residential homes and commercial enterprises. The Project under consideration is located adjacent to the marine terminal and within the City’s designated Historic District.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (USCBP) currently operates out of an 800 square foot single story structure, built in 1935, located at 403 North 3rd Street, on a parcel owned by OHPA. The current structure being utilized by USCBP no longer meets various requirements. OHPA is seeking assistance from a licensed architect/engineer to understand the physical, spatial and infrastructure requirements of an approved USCBP Administrative Facility. Based on information provided to OHPA by USCBP the total square footage requirements for the facility is approximately 1,300 square feet.

Services Required

OHPA seeks assistance with three elements of this Project:

  • Needs Assessment- This element includes an analysis of USCBP’s facility requirements, including the spatial needs; adjacencies; facility construction materials, standards, and requirements; IT and Communications infrastructure. This element will require close communication and coordination with USCBP Officials.
  • Site Review and Analysis- This element should consider three options, the renovation and expansion of the existing facility (outside of the Secure Area of the Port), renovation of an existing warehouse (within the Secure Area of the Port), or the construction of a separate facility (site built) on the property immediately adjacent to the existing building (outside of the Secure Area of the Port), or modular construction within the secure area of the Port
  • Initial cost estimates- This element requires an initial cost estimate for the three options identified above so that OHPA can identify resource opportunities for delivering the

Qualifications for Selection

Respondents must be Florida Licensed Architects/Engineers. This procurement will be made in accordance with the Florida Consultants Competitive Negotiation Act (CCNA) in which Proposers will be evaluated based on their experience and qualifications to provide the requested services. In particular, respondents will be ranked based on their knowledge and experience with the City of Fernandina Beach Historic District Guidelines and the City’s Land Development Regulations, knowledge and experience with design and construction of government buildings (in particular, with the US Customs and Border Protection), knowledge and experience with both renovation and new construction, site planning, interior space design and cost estimating.

The selection of the appropriate Architect by OHPA will consider the qualifications of the firm and the individual (s) assigned to the project. Proposers should provide a brief company history and the qualifications and experience of the individuals who will be involved in this assignment. Submitals shall clearly identify a singular point person that will have responsibility for managing the assigned project and coordinating with OHPA and USCBP.

Submission of Proposals

Responses to this RFQ are due in writing no later than 3:00 PM EST, December 7, 2023. Late submitals will not be accepted or considered by OHPA. All proposals shall be delivered to OHPA via email: All questions regarding this RFP shall be submitted via email to and are due no later than December 1, 2023. All submittals, questions and corresponding answers are subject to Florida’s public records law.

All timely and responsive bidders and their responses will be listed on OHPA’s website. OHPA will hold a public meeting to review and consider all timely and responsive submittals. At this meeting, OHPA will rank the Respondents in order of highest to lowest in meeting the qualifications and experience to deliver the services required. OHPA may then elect to enter into negotiations with the highest ranked respondent regarding the scope of services, terms and conditions, and associated fees. If OHPA and the top ranked firm fail to reach an approved agreement, OHPA may then elect to enter negotiations with the next highest ranked firm, and so on until OHPA either reaches an agreement or cancels the solicitation. OHPA will provide adequate notice and instructions for any public meetings related to this RFQ and OHPA’s consideration of Proposer submittals.

OHPA reserves the right to modify, pause, and/or cancel this RFQ process at any time. All Respondents are solely responsible for the costs associated with responding to this RFQ. Timely and qualifying responses to this RFQ do not guarantee any contract award or otherwise obligate OHPA to enter into a contract with any of the Respondents.

Cone of Silence

Except as otherwise directed by this RFQ, upon issuance of this RFQ, Proposers may not contact individual Board Members, the Port Operator, or Port Staff (other than with questions as outlined above) regarding any and all aspects of this RFQ until the entire submittal, evaluation and selection processes are concluded.

Public Records

OHPA is subject to Chapter 119, Florida Statutes. Any and all responsive submittals, communications, or related information, whether hard copy or electronic, are subject to Florida’s public records law and will be maintained as such by OHPA.

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