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County Awarded Grant to Enhance Community Recycling Services

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency recently announced more than $1,173,004 from President Biden’s Investing in America agenda to expand recycling infrastructure and waste management systems across the State of Florida. We are excited to report that Nassau County has been awarded a Solid Waste Infrastructure for Recycling Communities Grant totaling approximately $500,000 to be used for improving its recycling program.

This award will allow the County to optimize the intake and outtake process at the Convenience Recycle Center in Callahan, as well as its recycling site located in Yulee. The County will also increase, expand, or optimize collection and improve materials management infrastructure to ensure customers deposit recyclables in the correct bin. All of these actions will increase capacity at recycling facilities, reduce container overflow and minimizing incorrect disposal.

“The Board of County Commissioners recognizes the importance of recycling and reducing the amount of waste being sent to the landfill. Like many growing counties, we continue to search for ways to improve recycling through educating residents and offering recycling opportunities throughout the County,” said Chairman Klynt Farmer. “We are proud to be selected for the Solid Waste Infrastructure for Recycling Grant and look forward to leveraging those funds to improve Nassau County’s recycling program for the betterment of the environment and our residents.”

The Solid Waste Infrastructure for Recycling Communities Grant is being made available to all U.S. states and territories and represents important steps in achieving the Environmental Protection Agency’s National Recycling Goal and Food Loss and Waste Reduction Goal. Funded activities include improving post-consumer materials management programs through developing or updating solid waste management plans and strengthening data collection efforts. To learn more about the EPA’s efforts to improve recycling across the country, visit

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