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University of US Begins 8th Year with Record 122 Applications

US Constitution Scholarship Foundation

Fernandina Beach, FL/September 27, 2023 – The U.S. Constitution Scholarship Foundation announced that on Monday, September 25th at FSCJ, Sharyl Wood, Director of Operations for the University of US, welcomed students from the Nassau County high school community to begin this semester. With a record 122 applications, the students who attended came from the county’s four public high schools, the home education
community, Lindisfarne Hall and the Faith Academy.

The Honorable Adrian Soud, who earlier this year was appointed by Governor Ron DeSantis to the Florida Appellate Court, provided, as usual, the lecture for the first class. Judge Soud discussed the Declaration of Independence, our heritage, and the goals of our Founders in developing a Constitutional Republic.

After a food and beverage break, Sharyl Wood ran a Citizenship Bingo competition. The students competed for both prizes and points toward winning a University of US Leadership scholarship. When a question was called out the student had to think of the answer and find it on the Bingo card.

The remaining University of US classes will be held at FSCJ on the fourth Monday of every month through March 2024, with a hiatus in December. The lectures will cover The Federalist Papers, The Articles, The Amendments, The Most Important Supreme Court Justices and The Most Important Supreme Court Cases. West Nassau’s AP teacher Caleb Bryan, The Honorable Jim Daniel, The Honorable Steve Fahlgren, The Honorable Jenny Higgenbotham, Florida Secretary of State Cord Byrd and Law Professor Bradford Clark will conduct the lectures.

Students who attend five of the six classes, maintain a B average in their high school class and pass the University of US final exam will receive a certificate of graduation. In addition juniors and seniors who meet the above criteria will be eligible to compete in the University of US Essay Competition. There will be five winners, with the number one winner receiving a $10,000 scholarship and the other four winners each receiving $5,000 scholarships. The Essay Competition winners along with the two Leadership Scholarship winners will be announced at the University of US Graduation which will be held at Yulee High School in late April.

The University of US will also hold its 5th annual Constitution Bowl on Wednesday, April 3rd at Wildlight Elementary. The team members for each of the schools represented will each have the opportunity to win scholarships. The first place team members will each receive a $1,500 scholarship, the second place team members each receive a $500 scholarship and the 3rd place team members each receive $250 scholarship.

To learn more about the Foundation, the University of US, the scholarships, the Constitution Bowl or upcoming USCSF speaker events visit

ABOUT USCSF: The U.S. Constitution Scholarship Foundation is a non-profit educational and scholarship organization dedicated to increasing knowledge and understanding of the U.S. Constitution. Since inception in 2016, USCSF educational programs have delivered over $250,000 in scholarships and awards to high school juniors and seniors in Nassau County, Florida. Visit for more information.

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