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Florida Public Utilities Payment Options

There are several convenient ways to pay your Florida Public Utilities bill. Here are some of the following options:

EZ-BILLING is FREE and allows you to effortlessly and safely submit your payments electronically. Here are some other great EZ_BILLING features:

  • Auto Pay – payments are automatically deducted from your checking or savings account. No late payments!
  • Pay by bank or credit union – it is free and easy! It may take two to three business days for your payment to post to your account.
  • Paperless billing - 24/7 online access to your billing and payment history. Eliminate paper clutter and waste. No more waiting for statements in the mail!
  • Text and email notifications – set up text or email notifications for payment reminders and confirmations. Never miss a payment!

Pay by Mail. Use the payment envelope included with your monthly bill or mail the payment noting your account number. Your payment will be credited the same day it is received. Please allow up to five business days for mail delivery.

  • P.O. Box 825925, Philadelphia, PA 19182-5925

EZ-PAY, with a small fee, allows you to submit your one-time payment online using any mobile device or by phone.

  • Pay by phone: Call our automated phone system at 877.337.3145. Please have your account number and method of payment ready.
  • Pay through your bank or credit union or use your debit or credit card. There is a $2.25 fee (up to $750) charged by our third-party vendor. Please note Florida Public Utilities does not receive any part of this fee, and it is non-refundable.

Authorized Payment Locations offer the convenience of paying your utility bill in person. If you would like to pay in person, please visit one of the conveniently located authorized retail payment centers in your area, such as Western Union, Walmart, Dollar General,, and many more.

Find the location closest to you by following these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Select the “Make a One-Time Payment” option.
  3. Enter your account number and click Look Up.
  4. Select Pay with Cash, then click Continue.
  5. Select your Payment Location.
  6. Enter your ZIP code and Serch to find the nearest authorized retail location.
  7. Select the Pay Here for your retail payment choice..
  8. A payment slip will be generated with a special bar code; you can save this to your phone or print it out – Click Send.
  9. Present the barcode and your utility bill to the retailer. They will scan the barcode, process your payment, and you will receive an email, text, or paper confirmation of your payment.
    • Payment Centers will typically accept cash, money orders and debit cards only. It may take up to three business days to credit your Florida Public Utilities account.
    • Some retailers may charge a small fee when paying your bill.

To learn more about our payment options or to enroll in EZ-BILLING, please visit

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