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FDOT Proposed Median Modifications: SR 200/A1A and Meadowfield Bluffs Road

Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) is proposing a directionalized median opening at State Road 200 and Meadowfield Bluffs Road. These modifications would improve safety and provide an efficient way to enter and exit properties along this section of Meadowfield Bluffs Road.

The full median that now exists at State Road 200 and Meadowfield Bluffs Road would be directionalized to allow only left-ins onto Meadowfield Bluffs Road, which means drivers would turn left onto Meadowfield Bluffs Road from State Road 200 westbound. Drivers will only be allowed right-outs from Meadowfield Bluffs Road onto State Road 200.

Information about the project, including the traffic study and site plan for the development, is available for review at by selecting “Nassau County” and clicking on “Future Projects.”

If you have questions or comments about the proposed median modifications, please contact Jason Quijano at (904) 360-5458, or by mail at 2198 Edison Avenue MS 2801, Jacksonville, FL 32204-2730.

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